PB&J Books

Book 1

The Adventures of PB&J: Attack of the Green Goo

What if you could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich anytime, anywhere? That’s not a problem if you’re PB&J, the super kid who can shoot them out of his hands! The only problem is, everyone laughs at PB&J’s superpower, making him feel totally embarrassed.

Things get only worse for PB&J when evil scientist Dr. Vile takes over the small town of Goodsprings. Plus, Dr. Vile has a secret weapon—a remote that can change anything into food. Can PB&J learn to use his powers to beat the bad guy, or will Dr. Vile control Goodsprings—and the universe?

The fate of the galaxy is literally in PB&J’s hands!

Book 2

The Adventures of PB&J: Crunch of the Dino-Roar

In the town of Goodsprings, the excitement of summer vacation is bubbling up, and PB&J can’t wait to hit the beach for some fun on a pink inflatable ducky.

However, PB&J’s beach plans take an unexpected turn when a colossal T-Rex crashes into his friend Sophia’s soccer game. With his summer dreams shattered, PB&J, Jimmy, and Sophia join forces with some quirky companions to save the day. Ron and Phil, the vigilant security guards, offer them a lift, while Jimmy’s clever little brother, Randy, steps in as dino-detective.

Together, Team PB&J embarks on a wild adventure to unravel the mystery of Timmy T-Rex. Can they solve the puzzle before the destructive dinosaur wreaks havoc on their town? Or will our heroes become a crunchy snack for the dino’s delight?

Discover these answers and more in the latest book in the PB&J series, Crunch of the Dino-Roar!

Book 1 in the Murph series!

Murph is a little alien with a big tongue.

Murph’s big tongue is perfect for cleaning the dirty windows on Zortex. But while Murph loves his job, something is missing. Can his new friend Gleep help him discover what it is before an asteroid destroys Zortex—and Murph’s dreams?


Join lovable alien Murph in a 1,000-word adventure story filled with themes of self-discovery, hard work, and friendship. Intended for early readers ages 6–8, Murph will captivate and delight all children . . . whether they’re from Zortex or not!

Get your copy today and follow Murph’s many exciting adventures!


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