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The Adventures of PB&J: Attack of the Green Goo

What if you could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich anytime, anywhere? That’s not a problem if you’re PB&J, the super kid who can shoot them out of his hands! The only problem is, everyone laughs at PB&J’s superpower, making him feel totally embarrassed.

Things get only worse for PB&J when evil scientist Dr. Vile takes over the small town of Goodsprings. Plus, Dr. Vile has a secret weapon—a remote that can change anything into food. Can PB&J learn to use his powers to beat the bad guy, or will Dr. Vile control Goodsprings—and the universe?

The fate of the galaxy is literally in PB&J’s hands!


The Adventures of PB&J: Crunch of the Dino-Roar

In the town of Goodsprings, the excitement of summer vacation is bubbling up, and PB&J can’t wait to hit the beach for some fun on a pink inflatable ducky.

However, PB&J’s beach plans take an unexpected turn when a colossal T-Rex crashes into his friend Sophia’s soccer game. With his summer dreams shattered, PB&J, Jimmy, and Sophia join forces with some quirky companions to save the day. Ron and Phil, the vigilant security guards, offer them a lift, while Jimmy’s clever little brother, Randy, steps in as dino-detective.

Together, Team PB&J embarks on a wild adventure to unravel the mystery of Timmy T-Rex. Can they solve the puzzle before the destructive dinosaur wreaks havoc on their town? Or will our heroes become a crunchy snack for the dino’s delight?

Discover these answers and more in the latest book in the PB&J series, Crunch of the Dino-Roar!

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